Give Up Robot

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Give up, Robot is a flash game about a mechanical boy who jumps and swings to avoid obstacles and things that can destroy him. This game is popular with people who like interesting puzzles and don’t like to give up. Main character has some kind of wheel on bouncy suspension instead of legs and he has no arms, but has a harpoon which he uses to hook up with anything and swing on it in order to avoid falling into nowhere or getting destroyed. There are many things that can demolish your character, such as cannons, vents, lasers, electrified blocks and etc. Your aim is to avoid all these things and pass all 50 normal diffuculty levels. Then you will find 11 Extremelly hard ones which may ruin your tranquility and probably force you to turn off the computer or even worse, but remember it’s just a game and if you lose it won’t affect your life. Just play this game to train your brain a little bit and get some fun.

Let’s don’t forget about instructions:
Left/Right arrow – Move
Hold Z/A – Fire harpoon. Release the button to remove it.
Up Arrow/S/X – Jump
When you hook up with something use Up/Down arrow keys to adjust the length of the rope and Left/Right arrow keys to swing.
To pause the game click anywhere outside the window. Click inside to un-pause.

Personally, I managed to pass 47 levels and got stuck. Tell me about your success in this game by commenting below and don’t forget to include screenshots.